Optrex Multi Action Eye Wash


Optrex Multi Action Eye Wash washes, soothes and cleanses tired, irritated eyes. Washes away particles such as pollen, dust, grit and smoke to cleanse the eye and with a formula to sooth tired and treating sensitive eyes.

Modern living such as computer work, air conditioning, driving and particles such as dust, pollen, grit and smoke can damage the eyes’ surface to make your eyes feel tired, uncomfortable and irritated.

  • For tired, uncomfortable, irritated eyes
  • Washes, soothes, and cleanses with flexiseal eye bath
  • Contains natural plant extracts
  • Specially designed to fit comfortably against the eye to helping prevent leakage

For further advice about using Optrex Multi Action Eye wash for tired, uncomfortable, irritated eyes, please ask your pharmacist.


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